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Welcome to my little corner of the Web.  I live in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Halifax is a wonderful mix of the old and the new, so I've developed an historical tour that will show you a bit of both.  [Point Pleasant Park pics; pre-Hurricane Juan]

And yes, I've started a Blog - The Campblog.  I also participate in a Canadian Music blog called Switching To Glide.

Over 100 a long time ago, groundbreaking industrialists got the brilliant thought to get rid of a number of the restrictions involving cooking food around cast iron by means of shell the item using a glassy, pottery enameled finish. Along with getting pretty colourful, this kind of enameled cast irons more versatile using some important approaches, even though introducing a few new limitations. This is the fast think about the superior, the negative, and the tasty. Within a cupboard jam-packed rich in inky-black cast iron , dazzling enameled cast-iron pans stick out frankly, pestering to get removed in addition to helpful to get ready your favorite recipes.

I have a great interest in the late Sir Winston S. Churchill.  I've compiled some useful web resources regarding the amazing life of this great man.

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If you'd like to check out some paintings that my wife and I have been working on, check out the Campbell Gallery.