Winning Video Poker Combo Payouts

The game of poker is probably the globe’s most famous online casinovideopokergames game, but video poker has taken its appeal and skill gaming power to another level. Now firmly established as one of the all time great gaming niches – check out the all-round VP kudos………..

Star looks

Video poker games in Vegas have always been one of the brightest sights in the casino, and on the web their reputation is equally as bright and brash. You can’t miss a video poker game when it’s on the screen – they’re very colourful, with big buttons and authentic sounds. The intrinsic satisfaction of clicking to deal and hold and discard cards is a genuine pleasure – a heady mix of classic online casino draw poker and the fastest shooting slot.


If the looks and vibe of video poker machines makes them appealing – then the cool playability of the games make them even cooler! Just like slots, video poker is played with a fast click and play format, but the refined poker cards make it significantly classier for online casino connoisseurs…..

> Choose your video poker genre

> Select a coin size and number and click start/deal

> Receive 5 cards per hand’ analyse and click to hold or discard

> Have you won? VP pays out for winning poker combos

Skill power

Few online casino games are as skill-friendly as video poker – playable with genuine strategic rules, with the potential to reduce the average machine advantage and even reverse the advantage with sophisticated systems. Whatever your gaming level, it’s possible to play video poker with strategy sheets that can be found online; just check your hand, and make the suggested move – it’s fun and potentially much more profitable way to play.


Video poker is available in numerous styles and genres, including the classic Jacks or Better Video Poker, plus interesting games such as Aces Faces, Deuces Wild and Joker Poker. What’s more, you can also find unique options such as 100 hand video poker and multi-level VP, rewarding you for hitting runs of wins with progressively bigger rewards.


Video poker can be played with stakes a slow as 0.10 per hand and round, all the way to professional gambling levels. However, everyone has the chance to scoop the jackpot Royal Flush; in extreme cases progressive jackpot levels can deliver massive million dollar wins! Start applying a simple video poker strategy and you’ll always ensure you do not miss out on playing any hand offering jackpot potential with another draw.

Video Poker Strategies for Everyone

Video poker not only offers a deluxe poker game with the speed and videopokerstrategystyle of a slot machine – it’s also with question the coolest game for using strategies to win. In fact, hardcore video poker strategy gamers can flip the advantage back to themselves, making the online casino payout more than they put into the game, on a long-term basis. While you may not have the power quite yet to play video poker for serious profits, you can instantly start seeing why the game is a strategic power house………

Beginners video poker strategy

If you’re completely new to video poker, or you’re just a novice when it comes to the idea of playing with strategy – you can get to grips with the responsiveness of the game by applying some very basic tips, such as the few below……

>If the machine deals you a pair of cards, hold the pair and re-draw the remaining 3 cards. This little tip maximises your chances of making a 3 or a Kind combo or 4 or a Kind on the second phase of the round.
> Don’t bother drawing to an inside straight
> It’s not to your advantage to hold 3 cards to a straight or 3 to a Royal Flush – so discard and re-draw in search of big wins!

> If the video poker game deals you 3 cards to Straight Flush, there may be a chance of hitting the jackpot Royal Flush; consider holding.

> Hold two pairs in preference to re-drawing in search of 4 of a Kind.

> Never split a Full House to try and form 4 of a kind!

> Novice gamers may want to bank/hold any winning hand given on the first draw.

Intermediate video poker strategy

Intermediate video poker strategy is actually called ‘basic strategy’ – but since few real beginners use it, it’s more fitting to consider its use as an intermediate concept. In essence, basic video poker strategy charts are a guide to making statistical hold and discard decisions; precise use can limit the machine’s video poker edge to as little as 0.5-1.5%. You can find an array of free video poker strategies on the web, and print them off for cross reference (note – each style of video poker game will require the use of a slightly different system, such as aces faces or deuces wild variations). If you play strategically for a few months, you can aim to play the strategies without looking at the charts – evolving your video poker into gaming heaven.

Advanced online casino video poker strategy

Mastering basic video poker strategies will leave you in an excellent position to hit regular winning sessions – but the brave and committed and look to learn professional level systems and get gaming with high stakes. Some strategies are able to deliver a slight edge to the player, such as 0.5% – but that can mean big potential profits when you’re playing hundreds of rounds per session, with the max house stake. Pro level video poker is potentially lucrative, but requires a hardcore bankroll, risk management and a cool temperament to get through turns of luck.